Todd McAllister, Ph.D., President and CEO
Dr. McAllister has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. He is the company's co-founder and also serves as Chairman of the Board. In addition to authoring several high impact manuscripts in the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Medicine, Lancet etc., Dr. McAllister is well known in the biotech sector for pioneering a capital efficient clinical development model.

Todd McAllister, Ph.D. Chairman

In addition to serving as the Company's President and CEO, Dr. McAllister is the Chairman of the Board.

Nicolas L'Heureux, Ph.D.

In addition to being Cytograft's scientific founder and a BoD member, Dr. L'Heureux is the Chair of the company's advisory board committee.
Nathalie Dusserre, Ph.D. VP of Manufacturing and Regulatory Affairs
Dr. Dusserre has a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Claude Bernaud University in Lyon, France. Dr. Dusserre is a well-known expert in GMP manufacturing for cell-based therapies. Under Dr. Dusserre's leadership, the company successfully received a GMP certification and a commercialization permit to sell the autologous version of the Lifeline graft in Europe. She has overseen the Company's approval as a licensed California State Tissue Bank.
Nicolas L’Heureux, Ph.D. 
Dr. L’Heureux is the co-founder of the Company, and the visionary behind Cytograft’s non-immunogenic biomaterials platform.  Dr. L’Heureux is the Director of Research at the INSERM within the University of Bordeaux in France.  Dr. L’Heureux is well known as a thought leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine, and has pioneered the shift in the field toward approaches that do not require synthetic biomaterials or chemical modification.
Nicolas Chronos, M.D.
Dr. Chronos is a Board certified cardiologist, and a well-known thought leader in both the medical device industry and in regenerative medicine. Dr. Chronos was serves as an advisory to many Fortune 500 companies, and was formerly an advisor at Essex Woodlands Ventures. Dr. Chronos is also the founder of the St. Joseph's Translational Research Institute, which was later sold to Emory University.
  Robert C. Robbins, M.D.
Dr. Robbins is a cardiothoracic and transplant surgeon, and is the President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center.  TMC is a conglomeration of more than 80 hospitals, medical schools, and research institutions in Houston, Texas including the Baylor School of Medicine, and the prestigious Texas Heart institute.  Dr. Robbins is not only a co-author on several of the Company’s publications, but one of the earliest investigators using a completely biological approach to tissue engineering.

Sergio A. Garrido, M.D.
Dr. Garrido is a vascular surgeon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is well known for having performed the world's first implant of a tissue engineered vascular graft. Having trained worked alongside Dr. Juan Parodi, Dr. Garrido is also experienced in developing a large array of cardiovascular devices.
Jose Malbran
Mr. Malbran is a banker with extensive experience in investment and retail client banking. He has served as chairman of International Private Client Group Latin America and became a member of the Executive Committee. Additionally, he held the position of Chairman of Merrill Lynch International Banks and participated in several investment banking deals, debt offerings and privatizations. He has also held the positions of Senior Vice President and member of the GPC Executive Committee, as well as Director of Merrill Lynch Cayman Bank and Trust Company.

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